Hola Barcelona

LKL_4792 (1024x681)Last month we went to Barcelona. The Mister had a conference to attend so we tagged along for a week. I went to Barcelona once more than a decade ago and didn’t remember much of it at all, so it was wonderful to rediscover it. We stayed in an Air BnB apartment in the Eixample neighborhood just a few blocks from the elegant Passeig de Gràcia. The weather was wonderful for late October and the food was phenomenal! I could eat jamón ibérico every day! We visited the Picasso museum, the Museu de la Xocolata and we saw a gorgeous photo exhibit by Sebastião Salgado at the Caixa Forum. I made the mistake of going to Parc Güell alone with the children, the guide book we had gave inaccurate information as to where the wheelchair (aka stroller) access was, so I found myself pushing the stroller up very steep streets to access the park. The view was worth it in the end though. We walked by the Sagrada Familia a few times but didn’t actually visit it. The city parks were a little disappointing as the playgrounds weren’t as nice as what we are used to in Vienna, but the beaches made up for it. We never got to actually swim (too disorganized), but people were still swimming, and the beach area was very clean and nice for picnicking. It was a week packed full of discovery, we’ll definitely go back!

I clearly don’t blog much these days, but I do love Instagram, where you can follow our adventures. LKL_4800 (681x1024), IMG_0887 (1024x1024)IMG_0874 (1024x1024)

IMG_0907 (768x1024)IMG_0724 (768x1024)

IMG_0895LKL_4780LKL_4929 (1024x664)IMG_0922 (1024x1024)

LKL_4913 (672x1024)LKL_4784 (681x1024)LKL_4918 (677x1024)

IMG_0868 (1024x1024)

LKL_4815 (1024x681)LKL_4848 (681x1024)LKL_4839 (681x1024)LKL_4858 (681x1024)LKL_4822 (681x1024)LKL_4874 (681x1024)LKL_4869 (681x1024)LKL_4891 (681x1024)LKL_4877LKL_4849IMG_0974 (1024x1024)



  1. Wow! What a fantastic set of photos. It makes me want to go to Barcelona. 🙂

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