Budapest Spring

LKL_2421 (1024x681)A few weeks ago, we went back to Budapest. My husband’s parents were in Budapest for an event, so we met up with them there. It was Eva’s first trip and she was a great traveler! The weather was wonderfully springlike for our entire trip, which was a welcome change from our visit to Budapest last spring.

LKL_2200 (1024x681)LKL_2381 (681x1024)LKL_2390 (677x1024)LKL_2408 (670x1024)

LKL_2207 (1024x681)LKL_2057 (1024x669)LKL_2155 (1024x681)LKL_2385 (1024x681)LKL_2364 (1024x681)LKL_2431 (1024x681)

LKL_2219 (681x1024)LKL_2250 (681x1024)LKL_2229 (681x1024)

LKL_2259 (681x1024)↑ Louis loves pink ice cream.

LKL_2164 (1024x681)LKL_2197 (1024x673)LKL_2401 (681x1024)LKL_2190 (681x1024)LKL_2000 (681x1024)LKL_2167 (681x1024)LKL_2126 (1024x670)↑One of the most moving memorials I have ever seen.

LKL_2032 (681x1024)LKL_2181 (681x1024)LKL_2089 (681x1024)LKL_2212 (681x1024)

LKL_2204 (1024x671)LKL_2041 (681x1024)LKL_2139 (681x1024)LKL_2377 (681x1024)LKL_2295 (1024x681)LKL_2374 (1024x681)LKL_2202 (1024x673)LKL_2116 (681x1024)LKL_2288 (1024x667)LKL_2499 (678x1024)



  1. isvett

    Love these, lady! You guys look great and the kids are completely adorable!

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