A getaway in Graz

LKL_8494 (1024x681)We recently spent a weekend in Graz, Austria, which is about two hours driving from Vienna. Graz is the second largest city in Austria and has a very hip and arty vibe to it.

LKL_8394 (1024x681)LKL_8404 (681x1024)

LKL_8505 (1024x681)

By day

LKL_8440 (1024x681)

By night









The trip was quick, we arrived on Saturday morning and left Sunday afternoon. We spent the night in the fabulous Hotel Wiesler right in the middle of the city.

LKL_8485 (681x1024)LKL_8408 (674x1024)LKL_8410 (681x1024)










There was a great coffee shop next door called Tribeka and the Kunsthaus Graz was just one block away. The Kunsthaus is one of the strangest buildings I have ever seen, Louis thought it looked like a fish and was really excited to go to the fish museum. It definitely looks like some sort of amphibious creature, especially nestled along the banks of the Mur river.

LKL_8420 (1024x681)LKL_8456 (681x1024)LKL_8488 (681x1024)LKL_8473 (681x1024)










There was another interesting architectural piece in the river, the Murinsel, which is a fake island that also serves as a bridge and houses a coffee shop.

LKL_8448 (1024x681)LKL_8384 (681x1024)LKL_8371 (1024x681)

We spent the weekend strolling through the old town, checking out the Kunsthaus and taking the elevator up to see the clocktower perched high above the city.

LKL_8310 (681x1024)LKL_8346 (681x1024)










LKL_8290 (681x1024)LKL_8497 (681x1024)


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