A weekend in Munich

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A few weekends ago we hopped on the train and spent a weekend in Munich.Because our train was delayed, we ended up arriving in Munich much later than expected, so Friday Louis and I just stayed at the hotel. My husband has a friend, Nicolas, who lives in Munich and they went out Friday night. From what I saw, which was mostly the very central part of the city, Munich really reminds me of Vienna. Vienna is prettier though — sorry Munich! It’s a good mix of old and modern with interesting architecture and much to explore.

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It was raining Saturday morning, so we went to the Brandhorst museum. The museum is really interesting visually from the outside because it has mulch-colored bars that decorate the façade. We were able to see three exhibits, and my favorite was one by Cy Twombly.

LKL_7697 (681x1024)LKL_7700 (681x1024)LKL_7687 (681x1024)

Fortunately it had stopped raining by the time we were done with the museum and we had nice weather for the rest of our Munich stay. We had plans to meet up with Nicolas starting at lunch time on Saturday and he very generously showed us around the city.

LKL_7723 (681x1024)LKL_7788 (681x1024)LKL_7822 (681x1024)LKL_7749 (681x1024)

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One of the highlights was visiting several beer gardens. I don’t like beer at all, but I enjoyed the ambiance. Nicolas took us to Lowenbraustuben where we had a copious lunch outside. I was amazed to see that regular customers have an area where they can lock away their beer stein and then use it when they are in the beer garden. The other beer garden was outdoors at the Beer Garden at the Chinese Tower inside the English Garden. There were several food and beer stalls and maybe 100 picnic tables. There was also a playground right next to the picnic tables and Louis was able to run around while we enjoyed dinner and drinks. I appreciated how family friendly it was.

LKL_7733 (681x1024)LKL_7738 (679x1024)LKL_7736 (681x1024)

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Steins under lock and key

LKL_7923 (681x1024)LKL_7921 (681x1024)

LKL_7920 (1024x681)

The English Garden

LKL_7914 (681x1024)LKL_7979 (681x1024)LKL_7768 (681x1024)

Another amusing thing Nicolas took us to see were surfers. I was amazed to see surfers surfing in a canal right in the middle of the city. Apparently it is pretty poplar, but dangerous because of the support structures hidden under the waves. It seems that the local surfing community is fairly vigilant about not letting inexperienced surfers test the waves.

LKL_7849 (681x1024)LKL_7854 (681x1024)LKL_7865 (681x1024)

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Sunday in Munich is much like Sunday in Vienna…everything is closed! After breakfast at the hotel, we spent some time ambling through the central part of the city again and happened upon race sponsored by BMW (which is headquartered in Munich). The reason I mention this is because they had many activities set up in the finish-line area, one of which was a little race track for kids. Louis LOVED riding around on the mini BMWs, and as you can see, he tested all of the colors. As we continued our walk, we saw bits of the race and, since most people were wearing bright orange jerseys, it made for a colorful race.

LKL_7966 (681x1024)LKL_7933 (681x1024)LKL_7948 (681x1024)

LKL_7973 (681x1024)LKL_7786 (1024x670)LKL_7782 (681x1024)LKL_7829 (681x1024)LKL_7791 (681x1024)LKL_7998 (1024x681)

LKL_7818 (681x1024)

Our little weekend was definitely a good introduction to Munich, but not quite long enough. It’s a pretty, fun city with much to explore.


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