Bangkok0051 (687x1024)

Bangkok, 2009

This coming Tuesday we are setting off on our next big adventure! We are going to Thailand and Cambodia for three and half weeks! Not only will this be a much needed vacation for all of us, we are also going to meet up with my dad, who is originally from Bangkok. Other than via Skype, I haven’t seen dad since last summer when we went to the US for my brother’s wedding. We are going to be dividing our time between visiting family in Bangkok, traveling to Siem Reap in Cambodia and then spending a week at the beach in the Krabi province.

I would love suggestions if you have been to any of these places, especially for places to eat. A few fellow wordpress bloggers have been been inspiring me with their recent voyages to Siem Reap. You should check out these blogs if you have insatiable wanderlust: The Selfish Years, Retireediary, and My Vie à Somplace in This Word.

I will not be blogging while in Asia, but you can following the adventure on Instagram.



  1. Thanks for the kind words. In Siem Reap we sampled a lot of great Cambodian dishes at Sugar Palm (Taphul Road). I also really enjoy reading Eating Asia, here is the link to Cambodia, also has a Thailand section:

    • Wonderful, thanks for the recommendation and link! I have a somewhat delicate stomach, especially when it comes to new things, so I like to get recommendations when traveling.

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