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Last weekend we rented a car so that we could escape the city for a little while.

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We visited Lake Neusiedl which is a bit south and east of Vienna. The strange thing about this lake is that, even though it is quite big (36km long), it is not very deep. My husband pointed out that he would be able to touch everywhere because the deepest point is only about 1.80 meters. It was extraordinarily windy when we visited and there were a number of windsurfers, which was fun to watch. There was also a fun playground for Louis.

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On Sunday, we drove through the Wachau valley along the Danube river. This area produces quite a bit of wine and vineyards dot the beautiful countryside. We stopped in two little towns along the way, Krems and Melk. In Krems the town was very quiet since it was Sunday and everything was closed, but we did manage to have our first lunch of the year outside. Krems is very close to the location of the Durnstein Castle, where Richard the Lionheart was held captive during the 12th century. It is incredible to me that something that old is still standing.

The Durnstein Castle can be seen just above and to the left of the bell tower.

The Durnstein Castle can be seen just above and to the left of the bell tower.

In Melk we visited the incredibly impressive Melk Abbey. I wish I had taken a picture of the abbey from further away because the exterior is just incredible. I hope we have more opportunities to explore Austria this summer.

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