A winter wonderland in Vienna


Vienna became a winter wonderland two nights ago. I woke up yesterday to the sound of scraping and thought, why is someone scraping the sidewalk at this ungodly hour? When I finally stumbled out of bed a little while later I was shocked to see so much snow. I don’t know what the official count is, but it looks like about 15 inches of snow. What is really impressive is that the city seems to still be running mostly as per usual. I took the U-Bahn yesterday and there were no significant delays, people were out and about, shops were open. The last time I saw this much snow was in NYC two days before Louis was born, and the city was totally paralyzed for more than a week! At any rate, I managed to take a little break yesterday afternoon and slip out to the Stadtpark to take some photos.






  1. stunning snapshots! very dreamy!

  2. Beautiful photos! I really love the last one!

  3. Reblogged this on Austrian Adaptation and commented:
    A stunning blog of Photos from when Vienna got all snowy….I was sadly sick in bed but luckily the fabulous La Mariniere captured the glorious white stuff in the city. So beautiful!

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