Still settling into Vienna

The last few days we have been preparing for the move into our apartment, which should happen early this week. We made a pilgrimage to Ikea for furniture and household items and other shops for more household items like a washing machine. I’m still looking for a few more toys for the kitchen. In addition, we have also been exploring the city and getting used to our new home. Over the weekend, we made it to the Leopold Museum in the MuseumsQuartier to see the Nackte Männer exhibit (Naked Man), or the “willies” exhibit, as we have been calling it. It was much more tame than I expected. The MuseumsQuarter is a walled compound that contains several museums all conveniently grouped together. There are a few other exhibits that we hope to see in the near future.



  1. Willkommen in Wien und in unserem Haus! = Welcome to Vienna and our house! We love to have people like you in our little house community who are interested in life, art, traveling, cooking and children. You will discover in this house a violin maker, a florist, a watchmaker, webdesigners, a teacher, a pianist, a fashion designer, lawyers and a lot of children, cats and dogs as your new neighbours. And people with a French, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Canadian, Cambodian and of course Austrian background. Gabriele and I really hope that you feel home here.

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