Hello Vienna, it’s so nice to meet you

Our first week in Vienna has been busy and productive. We have spent most of the last few days apartment hunting and, unlike when we were apartment hunting in New York (you’re charging how much? for this?), we have been impressed with the overall size/quality/price ratio. On Friday we decided on one apartment, so hopefully we will have an answer Monday.

Other than apartment hunting, we have been walking around, seeing as much as possible, trying to get a feel for this city that we are going to call home for at least the next three years. So far, Vienna has impressed. The skies have been sunny and blue, which make for great sight-seeing. The architecture is grandiose, there are parks and green spaces everywhere, the public transit is super efficient and clean and there is a tram! Many trams! Louis’ favorite thing so far in Vienna is definitely “un tramway ROUGE“.

Today, we were able to take a break from apartment hunting and visited the zoo, Tiergarten Shönbrunn, which is right next to the stunning Shönbrunn Palace and Gardens. We bought annual passes so that we can visit whenever we want, and since we didn’t finish the zoo or see much of the gardens, we will definitely be going back soon.


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