Waiting for a text mesage…

At the construction site for the new Les Halles in Paris.

A number of people have been asking, when are we moving or have we moved yet? The answer is, not yet. Administrative procedures always take longer than expected, and it looks like we will be moving later than originally planned. I went to Paris at the end of last week to apply for my British visa. The British Embassy outsources their visa center to a group called Worldbridge. Worldbridge basically acts as a paper gatherer. They offer no advice or details about the visa process. I submitted my application along with supporting documents to them, and they then submit the information on to the Embassy, which will then make the decision and grant the visa. They person who took my paperwork couldn’t offer any time frame and said they would send me a text message (which cost €1.20) when my visa is ready to be picked up. This could be anywhere from 2 to 15 business days or more! So all I can do is wait for the text message. The strange thing is that they kept my passport, so I can’t go anywhere until I have it back. We don’t currently have any international travel plans…but you never know. This winter when I applied for my French visa, I got to keep my passport and brought it back to the visa office on the appointed day and they stuck it in my passport then.


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