Foire aux Manèges in Lille

This week the Foire aux Manèges started in Lille. The Foire is a fair that is taking place near the Bois de Boulogne on the Esplanade du Champ de Mars, and there are a number of rides, attractions and all sorts of games. We took took Louis for a ride on the Grande Roue (Ferris wheel) this afternoon. I get motion sickness very easily but Ferris wheels are the one carnival attraction that I can stomach. We could see Lille stretching out before us on one side, and got a better peak at the Citadelle on the other. The Foire announces the beginning of the rentrée, and this weekend there will also be the much talked about Braderie de Lille. From what I hear, the whole city turns into a giant flea market for a day and people typically eat lots of mussels. There is also the Lille half-marathon that my father-in-law organizes. My weekend is looking like it is going to be full of work, so I’m not sure that I’ll make it out to see the runners, but I will definitely check out the braderie.



  1. Love the Ferris Wheel.

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