Sunday in Nieurlet

This past Sunday we went to Nieurlet to spend some time with my husband’s aunt and uncle who were in town. The village was also having a little fair called, ducasse, with a parade (with giants!) and attractions. We walked around the sleepy village earlier in the day before the excitement and then took in the action after lunch.

One of the neat things about the village, at least, with regards to family history is that my husband’s grandparents were the maître and maîtresse of the village school, which is named after them. Louis is somewhat named after his great grandfather. Years before meeting my husband I had a dream that I had a baby boy and named him Louis. It just happened that it’s kind of a family name as one of my husband’s middle names is Louis (after his grandfather), and his other middle name is Henri (for his maternal grandfather). Henry was also one of the names I loved long before meeting my husband and it worked well when we knew we were having a boy. So our son is Louis Henry.



  1. Lovely pictures! Ca me rapelle la maison

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