My brother got married

My brother, Matthew, and his lady, Jennifer, got married on June 30th and I was the wedding photographer. The wedding took place in Poplar Bluff, MO. It was a great challenge not only because I had only previously shot one wedding, but because the mercury rose up to 106°F (42°C). The outside shots were done very quickly at the local train museum, no more than 20 minutes per group. Minus the sweltering heat and some unmentionable behavior on the part of my brother and his buddies, the wedding was a great time and it was wonderful to see relatives and friends from near and very very far. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lee! You can see the whole take here.

A note on the photography. I don’t have any sort of photo editing tools, so in general, my photography is very what you see is what you get. However, for this occasion, I asked for advice from a dear college friend of mine, Chris, who is an amazing professional wedding photographer. He gave me advice and pointers and recommended his digital processing service, Lavalu, who did all the color correction and “artistic editing”. I am very pleased with the outcome and grateful to Chris for his generous help. Also, about 130 photos in the whole take were shot by Jennifer’s cousins Carrie and Julie, who also work as wedding photographers.

The bride, groom and the bride’s mother.

The whole family. Some of my father’s family made the trek all the way from Bangkok and a few members of my mother’s family from MO were able to come too.


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