From the archives: Essaouira, Morocco

Since returning to France from our trip to the US one week ago, I have been working nonstop. This means I haven’t been able to take any pictures or “do” anything terribly interesting since. Today, however, I finally found some free time and decided to share a series of photos from my archives. Five years ago I had the good fortune of visiting Essaouria, Morocco (formally Mogador). The voyage was my first, and only, trip to the continent of Africa and it was a spectacle for the eyes. Essaouria is a fishing town on the Atlantic coast and the port and medina are very lively and colorful.  Back then, I was still shooting Fuji Velvia, a wonderfully rich slide film, and using my Nikon F100 film camera.



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  2. Your shots are absolutely gorgeous! I am adding Essaouira to my list of places to visit 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely color in some of the shots! Nice use of the natural light too. You’ve managed to portray the life of the Essaourians and their local culture really well.

  4. Your photos are breathtaking.

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  6. beautiful pic.. The colors come out so nicely…

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