A hop over the pond

Our bags are nearly packed, tomorrow is the big day. We are going to the US for a few weeks because my brother is getting married! We will spend most of our time in Missouri in my hometown, Cape Girardeau, a sleepy little town on the banks of the Mississippi River. My brother’s wedding is in an even smaller town about 1.5 hours south of home. I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family that I haven’t seen in ages. My dad is from Thailand and some of my Thai relatives are going to make the journey, so it will be very exciting and chaotic time. I am also looking forward to actually having summer weather. The temperature in the north of France has barely cracked 65°F since we have been here. MO weather is forecast to be in the 80s and 90s — I am not packing any socks or pants! This is also probably going to be the last big trip where Louis still qualifies as a lap baby and flies for free, but tomorrow is going to be a looooong day with an active toddler on our laps. I’ve stocked up on coloring books, new story books, stickers and snacks, and Laurent has loaded a few videos onto his tablet.

We also plan to spend a few days in the Miami area before flying back to Europe, so if you have any recommendations for Miami, the Keys or the Everglades, let me know in the comments section. Bon voyage!




  1. Miami sounds like fun – have a safe trip!

  2. Susan

    I recommend eating Cuban food in Miami – I went to this place called Cafe Versailles (pronounced phonetically) and it was atmospheric, and the food was pretty good. Non-fancy. The art deco hotels are worth having an over-priced drink and swimming for the day, if you can get a baby-sitter and if they let you swim for the day. We went to the Delano (the very old beautiful art deco one) and swung by another that has the largest hotel pool in the US or world, I can’t remember and I can’t remember its name. Also there are tropical botanical gardens that are worth a little tram tour that Louis could probably do. Fairchild is the name. Congrats to Matt and his new wife! Travel safely and hello to Kenny!

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