24 hours in The Hague

This week we made a quick 24-hour trip to Den Haag, or The Hague. I went to the Netherlands once, but it was a decade ago and I only saw Amsterdam, the Keukenhof gardens and a bit of the train station in Rotterdam. Needless to say, my memory of that trip is quite fuzzy (and not because of any substances). This trip had a very defined purpose for the husband, and I went along to scout the place out. I found the city to be very charming; the architecture and layout reminded me of a mix of Brussels and Copenhagen and there were bikes everywhere. Though the visit was very short, we did see a couple of neighborhoods and even made it to the beach. The Hague is a city by the sea, but the sea is the North Sea and while the beach is very wide with beautiful sand, the thought of swimming in the chilly waters is unappealing.

We stayed in a fantastic little guest house/B&B called Residenz. It is a row house owned by Franck and Petra who live in the house with their kids. But Residenz definitely felt like a hotel once we got into our room. The room was spacious with a design-y large living area, separate bedroom and a sleek modern bathroom. Everything was perfect from the Ritual toiletries, to the super comfy pillows, to the WiFi access, to the calm. I was also thrilled to find that the room was equipped with our own Nespresso machine. I *highly* recommend Residenz. A fairly copious breakfast is included with the room and you can either eat in their well-appointed dining room or have it brought to your room.

Our only evening in The Hague was just long enough to have dinner at an Indonesian restaurant called Didong, stroll on The Fred, take a peek at the seaside and gawk at the Dutch decked out in orange for that night’s football match.

The next day was much more business oriented.We had breakfast at Residenz and then spent a quick morning in the city center using the n°17 tramway. We had lunch on a terrace at a restaurant called Brasserie Berlage followed by a few business-y things and then we were back on the highway for the return to France. The Hague is definitely worth a peek, and I wish we had had more time to explore it!



  1. Lydia

    How was the Indonesian food?

    • I’m actually a wimp when it comes to Asian food and am always very hesitant to try it. I think this was probably the first time I had Indonesian food and it was delicious, if a bit spicy (fish in a spicy coconut curry).

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