Ypres, Belgium

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon in the Belgian town of Ypres.  Lille is very close to the Belgian border and the drive to Ypres is only about a half hour. Dairy farms dot the French and Belgian countryside along the way. Ypres is very cute with typically Flemish architecture. Part of the city is still walled with a canal flowing below the wall. Today, there is a nice promenade great for strolling along the canal. Much of the town was destroyed during World War 1 and rebuilt with reparations payments. Both on the road to Ypres and within the town itself are several military graveyards with countless rows of white tombstones. Many British, Australian and New Zealander soldiers lost their lives here during the war. The graveyards were a sad reminder of the costs of war.



  1. 96arley

    These are great, I would love to visit Belgium

  2. S

    Running joke that Stanley rides a motorcycle and Stella rides in the sidecar, or just that I need a sidecar for my bike for them — that sidecar is AMAZING!!

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