My new ride

My very own V’Lille!

This is my new ride.

Like many cities in France, Lille has a bike share program called V’Lille (vélo is bike in French). These programs generally allow for you to rent a bike for a short period of time, from a 15 minute bike ride to go from point A to B or for a few hours for a leisurely Sunday ride in the park. The bike share program is great as you can pick up your bike at one of the many bike stations situated all over the city and re-park the bike at a new bike station when you are done with it, and the rental is very cheap. It is easy-peasy.

My bike is part of a new program where you can rent your own bike for a longer period of time. V’Lille offers extremely inexpensive 1 month, 9 month or 12 month rentals. I took out a 9 month rental for the rock-bottom price of €27, which includes the bike lock and a basket. I am really excited to have my “own” bike while my beloved KHS single speed remains in storage. My V’Lille is at least twice as heavy as my KHS, but at least it is the right size for me. My husband and his family are all giants, so while they have a few extra bikes lying around, all of them are too big for me to ride comfortably and safely. Now, it just needs to stop raining! Vive le vélo!


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