Bayonne + St. Jean de Luz

Two other stops during our trip to southwestern France were Bayonne and St. Jean de Luz. Even though they were very close to Biarritz, they were very different both with the architecture and the vibe. We were taken by surprise by how cute the center of Bayonne is with its old houses with colorful shutters. Bayonne is not on the coast, but on a river, and the waterfront was very pretty. St. Jean de Luz is located on the coast, and is only about 10km from the Spanish border. It was a very cute beach town and I wish we had been able to stay longer. I think that during warm weather it would be ideal for swimming as the beach is in a protected crescent with fairly shallow water and no big waves.





This is Louis’ proud of himself face. He’s probably saying “Hey mama! I’m bringing you sand! I’m going to dump it all over you!”

Louis loves having his legs burried in the sand.

St. Jean de Luz



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