Biarritz, France


After last weekend’s wedding, we stayed in the region and visited a few towns, one of which was Biarritz. Biarritz is a vacation surfer town and known for its rugby team. There are some very impressive houses, ok, let’s call them mini châteaux in the town that make for fun sight seeing. The crescent-shaped beach has beautiful golden sand, but like in Capbreton, I didn’t even try to get my feet wet. We spent about a day and a half wandering the city and walking along the coast taking in the loveliness of it all.

The Atlantic

Walking in the sand is hard!

Balconies in Biarritz

The family


Baby thighs!


In the surf

Lost in the sand


Mountains and ocean





  1. Nice, I lived here for a year and it’s so pretty to review those gorgeous places 🙂

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