Capbreton, France

We went to southwestern France last week for a wedding and stayed for a few extra days to soak up some much needed sunshine. Our adventure started in Bordeaux, where we rented a car and drove south to the wedding site. The wedding was held in a small town called Labenne near the Atlantic Coast, but Seignosse was the vacation village where the happy couple had their wedding party. The first beach we visited upon arrival was in a little port city called Capbreton.

Off to the beach!

Surfers in Capbreton

The Atlantic at Capbreton

The ocean was much to cold to even think about getting in, but I never get tired of looking at it.



  1. Minnie

    The sea is mesmeric, isn’t it? Lovely to see you didn’t just look, you also took some great pix. Glad to see ’em, as I used to live by the sea until recently – and miss it terribly.
    Best of luck to you and your family in finding a new home. As for the adventures, well: they’ll find you! May they be good ones.

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