1Q84 – Haruki Murakami


I’ve been on a Murakami kick lately. Over the last month, I’ve read Kafka sur le rivage and La Ballade de l’impossible (Kafka on the Shore and Norwegian Wood). Today I received my English copy of 1Q84 from Amazon and I can’t wait to crack it open. I thought about reading the French version, but the decision came down to economics. The French version has been released like the Japanese version, meaning in three separate volumes. Currently, however, the French versions are not yet available in the poche format, which is the equivalent of a cheap paperback.  At 20€/per tome for three tomes in French or 20€ for all three in English, the decision was easy.

I’m not really one to write book reports, but every time I read a Murakami I am enthralled by the writing and completely spellbound by the story. I have read him in both French and English and have been very content with the quality of the translations, especially for Kafka sur le rivage. At this point, I have decided to read as many of Murakami’s books as I can. I’m a serial reader like that and tend to read many works by authors that I admire (Henry Miller, Amélie Nothomb, Emile Zola, John Dos Passos, etc.).

Have you read Murakami? What books did you like? Any thoughts about 1Q84?



  1. Beth

    You’ve inspired me to read my copy of the Wind Up Bird Chronicle!

  2. That was my first Murakami! The story is fascinating, and, like in many of his books, there is always the “what could possibly happen next?!” aspect as you turn each page.

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