The Mediterranean Sea (2002)

Tonight, we are leaving for our first big trip since arriving in France. We are going to Portugal! On the itinerary are Porto, Lisbon, and all the places in between. I won’t be posting while we are gone, but I will be taking photos and collecting stories. If you have any Portugal travel tips or must sees, please share in the comments!

A note on travel with Ryanair, a “low cost” airline. I previously wrote about air travel with babies and mentioned that children under 2 fly for free. I need to partially retract some of the information I gave. We are flying with Ryanair, a company I have never flown with before. They charge a flat rate of 20€ for a lap infant and also charge to check car seats. Strollers can be checked for free. We haven’t even boarded the plane yet and I already have a negative view of Ryanair, and not just for the charges for babies. They advertise rock bottom prices, but by the time you add all the airport fees, taxes, surcharges, baggage charges, hidden insurance costs, charges for selecting your own seat, and many many more, the final ticket cost is nearly comparable to what you would pay for a regular airline. They also have very strict baggage policies. Each person is allowed ONE carry on…not the typical one carry on and one personal item. Everything must fit into one bag. This makes traveling with a baby a little more complicated and requires some good packing strategies. However, as Ryanair flies direct from Lille to Porto, this is convenient for us as we don’t have to pay for a taxi or train to take us to a larger airport in Paris or Brussels. We’ll see how it goes, but thus far I am unimpressed. But then again, these days, air travel leaves much to be desired.


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