How did we get here?

Pont Neuf circa 2002.

I am back in France. My first visit to France was half a life ago. I was 16 years old and very fortunate to go to Europe for the first time on a school trip sponsored by the foreign language department. There were 40 other students, including a few who would quickly become some of my closest friends. We visited four countries over two whirlwind weeks. The French part of the trip was brief, about a day and a half in Paris and Versailles, but I loved it. I spent the next few years plotting my return.

The Statue of Liberty and the Full Moon 2012

Briefly, the first return came when I was a junior in college. I spent one blissful school year in Paris, but it wasn’t enough. I returned to Paris to study photography the year after finishing my university studies and then stayed on as an au pair for another few years.

Through a confluence of circumstances I ended up in New York City for nearly five years. I continued to visit Paris on a yearly basis and dreamed of returning. In 2010, I married a French man and we had a baby. Fast-forward to 2012, we left New York for France.

I plan on writing future posts about visas, immigration and related matters as the process can be complicated and unclear. Please note: you should always check with your local Consulate or Embassy for the latest information.



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