Postcards from the Belgian coast

Today, the sun was shining and the sky was a deep blue. It was perfect weather for going to the beach. De Panne is a Belgian  beach town located very close the the French border. By car, it is a little over an hour from Lille. We arrived just in time for lunch and had croquettes and moules frites on a terrace on the main road just one block from the beach. After lunch, we rented some beach chairs and a parasol and then spent a long time digging in the sand and dipping our toes in the North Sea. And there were stripes, everywhere! They really made the beach quite charming.

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About la marinière

My name is Leanne. American by birth, a European in my soul. I live in Vienna with my husband and our toddler.


  1. I love Belgium. Went to Blankenberg for a short vacation in 2010 and to some other towns like Leuven, Brugge and Antwerp.

  2. Lovely pictures! remind me of our holidays as kids… I don’t remember the weather being so nice though ;)

  3. Love the photos. This looks so charming.

  4. Fabulous photos! Our family was in Italy earlier this summer and I fell in love with the beach clubs – all those stripes in a rainbow of colors!!!

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